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2019 NBA Mock Draft: Breaking Down the Lottery Picks

The 2019 NBA Draft features some of the best prospects we’ve seen

Our expectations for how the 2019 NBA draft plays out could be thrown out the window in the top five picks. 

Duke forward Zion Williamson and Murray State point guard Ja Morant appear to be locked to go first and second, while Duke’s R.J. Barrett is expected to go third. 

But after the New York Knicks selection, the draft seems to be wide open with many possibilities in the first round. Which could lead to a few surprising selections in the first round

Zion Williamson of Duke.

1. New Orleans Pelicans: Zion Williamson, PF, Duke

Zion Williamson is one of the best prospects to enter the draft this century. Williamson can do it all on both ends of the floor with an incredible combination of size and athleticism He’s able to play anywhere offensively with his ball handling, strength and finishing ability around the rim. Zion is also a freakish defender around the rim.

Ja Morant of Murray State

2. Memphis Grizzlies: Ja Morant, PG, Murray State

Ja Morant is an amazing point guard that has incredible passing vision and athleticism. Ja Morant posses a high-level passing ability and shows great Shows great imagination to make creative passes, and seems to lead teammates into easy scores with his anticipation and vision. Morant has great defensive upside with his long arms and great ability to move laterally.

R.J. Barrett of Duke

3. New York Knicks: R.J. Barrett, SF, Duke

Barrett would be a great fit for the Knicks. R.J potentially offers a new face of the franchise to build around. A lefty 2-guard who plays the game with a lot of determination and energy. R.J has an incredible work ethic. Furthermore, Barrett has shown excellent craftiness as a finisher and finds ways to get defenders off-balance while at his time at Duke.

Darius Garland of Vanderbilt

4. Los Angeles Lakers: Darius Garland, PG, Vanderbilt

Darius Garland is a prolific scorer, Garland is extremely fast with Kyrie type handles and great shooting ability. In Addition, Garland posses excellent dribbling which creates passing angles. Although of his small size at 6’2″ Darius uses his quickness to blow by defenders and score an easy layup.

Jarrett Culver of Texas Tech

5. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jarrett Culver, SG, Texas Tech

Jarrett Culver shot up draft boards with stellar sophomore season. Multifaceted on offense and fundamentally sound on defense, he has future star potential and has drawn comparisons to Paul George. His versatility on both ends of the court would make him a natural fit in Cleveland’s rotation right away.

De’Andre Hunter of Virginia

6. Phoenix Suns: De’Andre Hunter, SF, Virginia

De’Andre Hunter is a 6’7″ wing with great size and finishing ability. Hunter has a massive 7’2″ wingspan which can help him on the defensive side and help him finish around the rim. Hunter shot from the field at a high rate and was solid all around.

Coby White of North Carolina

7. Chicago Bulls: Coby White, PG, North Carolina

With Culver and Hunter gone, the Bulls should draft Coby White a lightning quick combo guard with great scoring skills. White has an aggressive scoring mentality but also an unselfish playmaker. Coby White also has a quick first step allowing him to blow by defenders with ease.

Cam Reddish Camof Duke

8. Atlanta Hawks: Cam Reddish, SG, Duke

Cam Reddish is a versatile small forward with good shooting and offensive skills, an above average athlete with great size for a shooting guard. Reddish is very fluent and coordinated and has more potential than players selected in front of him.

Sekou Doumbouya of Limoges CSP

9. Washington Wizards: Sekou Doumbouya, SF, France

Sekou Doumbouya is an 18-year-old draft prospect from France, Sekou is the youngest player in the draft has the potential to be a great 3-and-D forward. Doumbouya has solid size and wingspan (6’11”), really fluid athlete and has NBA level athleticism.

Jaxson Hayes of Texas

10. Atlanta Hawks (from Dallas Mavericks): Jaxson Hayes, PF/C, Texas

Jaxson Hayes has incredible size and length making him one of the best prospects outside of the top 3. Standing 6’11” and sporting a 7’4″ wingspan and a frame that can be easily built on. Hayes fits great with the Hawks style of play with his ability to move.

Brandon Clarke of Gonzaga

11. Minnesota Timberwolves: Brandon Clarke, PF, Gonzaga

Brandon Clarke would fit great with the Timberwolves as a shot blocking machine alongside Karl-Anthony Towns who plays defense but no great at it. Clarke is also a strong finisher around the basket, Clarke has shown the ability to be a versatile big in the NBA

Bol Bol of Oregon

12. Charlotte Hornets: Bol Bol, C, Oregon

Bol Bol, the son of the late NBA legend Manute Bol, could be seen as a novelty. A foot fracture ended his season and made it clear that his selection would be a gamble. Yet Bol’s wingspan and his 3-point shooting suggest a player who could break the game wide open.

Kevin Porter Jr. of USC

13. Miami Heat: Kevin Porter Jr., SG, USC

Porter is a high-risk, high-reward player whom some team is going to roll the dice on. He shines with the ball in his hands as his athleticism and crafty moves take over, and he’s developed a useful step-back that creates a ton of space for his shot.

Rui Hachimura of Gonzaga

14. Boston Celtics: Rui Hachimura, SF/PF, Gonzaga

Rui Hachimura is an athletic forward and smart decision maker with a versatile skill set. Hachimura is a type of player that is very team-oriented player, who puts his team’s performance and winning over individual accolades.


In conclusion, not every pick is going to be exact, this is just a mock draft for the 2019 NBA Draft. Many teams have their eyes on different players, many trades could happen. No one knows what will happen. 2019 NBA Mock Draft by Raphael Nazarians | Follow my twitter @NBANewsVault

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1 Comment

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