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07:19 PM - Dave mentioned Username in post League Discord
...; BCal98 gmfwill Username Jason AustinD pac...
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...69;ić BCal98 gmfwill Username Jason Au...
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...ators26 Franchise kbangs000 Big Papi Baker2Lan...
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...e lots of monies Tony JoelTheGoat Sc102...
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...bey01 videofreak8 HoodieRodgers Finsanity Futureof...
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...ton350 zjd J-RAZ Jimmy_runs_the_fence Mrobey01 videofrea...
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...of FantasyFootball Luka Dončić BCal98 gmfwill Us...
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...dryTD BearsHype10 tyfreak Dave
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... gmfwill Username Jason AustinD packerd_00...
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...he_fence Mrobey01 videofreak8 HoodieRodgers Fins...
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...@TSax Soxnation34 Peyton350 zjd J-RAZ Jimmy_r...
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...of monies Tony JoelTheGoat Sc102497 @TSax So...
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...34 Peyton350 zjd J-RAZ Jimmy_runs_the_fenc...
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11:33 AM - RainDelay quoted Dave in post Thoughts on AOC?
... pass. Thank you Dave, very cool.
08:16 AM - brett05 quoted Dave in post Thoughts on AOC?
I mean she is hot in all ...
10:06 PM - Dave quoted BCF in post Gender Workplace Diversity
Should companies be requ...
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09:47 PM - Dave quoted DWeb in post GM Signups
I'll take any team that's...
03:27 PM - DTWD Ciphon quoted Dave in post GM Signups
Only 9 more teams left af...
01:55 PM - DTWD Ciphon quoted Dave in post GM Signups
Oh god Pivotal Phear aka ...
01:55 PM - Dave quoted DTWD Ciphon in post GM Signups
Your worst nightmare back from t...
01:53 PM - DTWD Ciphon quoted Dave in post GM Signups
Who dis? Your worst ni...
01:53 PM - Dave quoted DTWD Ciphon in post GM Signups
Go fxck yourself. Robbing a man ...
01:52 PM - DTWD Ciphon quoted Dave in post GM Signups
Considering this thread h...
01:13 PM - semperty quoted Dave in post Religious Freedom Act
Why would color of skin c...
12:15 AM - Dave quoted semperty in post Religious Freedom Act
Would/will you say the same t...
11:35 PM - semperty quoted Dave in post Religious Freedom Act
Would I personally do it?...
11:38 PM - Dave quoted Baker2LandryTD in post League Announcement + Vote
Interested with any year. Dave.....
09:17 PM - Dave quoted videofreak8 in post Waddup
Lmfao wtf is this :laugh2::laugh...
09:14 PM - spursup quoted Dave in post The Changing of the Guard | Madden '19 New York Giants Franchise
Cut Latimer and ill start...

User Wall

Dave created the thread GM Signups.
" Post below what team you would like to be. Signups will begin at noon EST time on 2/12. If you claim a team before noon EST time not only will you be publically humilated by daddy, I will also guarantee i will rig it against you. The league will tenatively start in 2000 at the turn of the millennium, with hopefully many more millenniums in the future for the league. Expect a file late in the week but I will post rosters of each team in this thread before signups. Thanks for the interest guys, looking forward to running a league again!


Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics - Tony
Miami Heat - JoelTheGoat
New Jersey Nets - Sc102497
New York Knicks - TSax
Orlando Magic - Soxnation34
Philadelphia 76ers - Peyton350
Washington Wizards -zjd

Central Division

Atlanta Hawks - J-RAZ
Charlotte Hornets - Jimmy_runs_the_fence
Chicago Bulls - Mrobey01
Cleveland Cavaliers - videofreak8
Detroit Pistons - HoodieRodgers
Indiana Pacers - Finsanity
Milwaukee Bucks - Futureof FantasyFootball
Toronto Raptors - Luka Dončić

Midwest Division

Dallas Mavericks - BCal98
Denver Nuggets - gmfwill
Houston Rockets - Username
Minnesota Timberwolves - Jason
San Antonio Spurs - AustinD
Utah Jazz - packerd_00
Vancouver Grizzlies - Senators26

Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors - Franchise
Los Angeles Clippers - kbangs000
Los Angeles Lakers - Big Papi
Phoenix Suns - Baker2LandryTD
Portland Trail Blazers - BearsHype10
Sacramento Kings - tyfreak
Seattle SuperSonics - Dave

@Cheddar @Feathery @kbangs000 @BigPapi @RainDelay @TSaxDaGodd @Franchise @BurnItDown @Senators26 @videofreak8 @gmfwill @BCal98 @Mentch @tyfreak @EDemp @DWeb @Baker2LandryTD @Jimmy_runs_the_fence @zjd @Jason @Soxnation34 @Bosshawk21 @Mrobey01 @J-RAZ @AustinD @BlackMamba @Tony @Cloud 9 "

02-11-2019, 09:49 PM

Dave created the thread League Announcement + Vote.
" Hello fellow sim leaguers, Dave here back at it with another league. After @brackattack bitched out and has disappeared, @BCF has graciously allowed me to run this sim league. I want to thank him for this opportunity to be the commissioner and the offer of payment of corn biweekly. I would like to think BCF has picked a great person to run this league considering I have run multiple leagues one lasting 10 years, but hope you and others still agree after I win season after season.

Considering the signups have been up over a month now because of @brackattack , we are going to be starting fresh so it is not a mess. Whatever team you have claimed or if you have signed up already is now void. I will be attaching a poll to this thread for people can vote for what the starting year is. In my personal experience the 90's have always worked best but I am willing to do anything from the 80's to early 2000's. Starting with present day is not a viable option for the league to last long in my opinion.

Please vote in the poll by 10PM EST Sunday. This is not a signup thread, so do not claim a team in this thread. Whatever year we start in may vastly change your opinion on what team you will want to be anyways.

Looking forward to running the league and hope you all enjoy it!

@Cheddar @Feathery @kbangs000 @BigPapi @RainDelay @TSaxDaGodd @Franchise @BurnItDown @Senators26 @videofreak8 @gmfwill @BCal98 @Mentch @tyfreak @EDemp @DWeb @Baker2LandryTD @Jimmy_runs_the_fence @zjd @Jason @Soxnation34 @Bosshawk21 @Mrobey01 @J-RAZ @AustinD "

02-08-2019, 10:05 PM

Dave created the thread Waddup.
" Yo watsup peeps, its Dave long time no see. Ran CSS and posted with you guys for many years back in the good ol days before these hooligans on social media. I see many familar faces around here so thats a good thing because me so horny
Thanks for convincing me to join @videofreak8 , you were very convincing in your recruiting method "

02-04-2019, 08:09 PM

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